Jas Mathur; Turning Passion Into Profit

By: As Seen On Mens Journal
May 21, 2020

An accomplished Canadian Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist, and Innovator of Indian descent, Mathur convinced his parents that he should drop out of high school in the 10th grade to pursue his dream of becoming a business magnate.

Meet Jaspreet ‘Jas’ Mathur

You are not likely to hear a story like this every day. This man started his first business at 11 years of age. His passion sparked while enjoying wrestling shows with his dad. Little did the parents believe he will transform it into a promising career. He channeled his energy and love for the sport by publishing backstage news in AOL and mIRC chat rooms, as well as bulletin boards. Jas then learned how to develop his own message board-like websites and in less than a year, they became amongst the most frequently visited wrestling news websites on the world wide web. The successful websites quickly caught the attention of wrestling fans and sports and media entrepreneurs. After receiving many merger and job offers, Jas eventually sold the network of sites to a media conglomerate at 16.

Jas’ success is not limited to any one industry due to his many talents and natural business abilities. Jas has launched a series of successful companies in various industries, including Satellite TV, Digital Surveillance, Downloadable Media, Online Dating, Online Gambling, and Internet Advertising. Jas started importing products from China at age 19. These businesses grew to over $50 Million/year turnover in the consumer electronics and digital security and surveillance industries by his mid-twenties. What started as an online business, expanded into brick and mortar stores with retail, wholesale and distribution of over 2,500 SKUs bearing his brand names: Incredible Entertainment, Incredible Satellites, DreamStar, and DreamWire.

After realizing that money cannot buy you health and happiness, Jas finally decided to embark on the most challenging journey to date, physically and spiritually reinventing himself.

The Endeavoring Journey

As CEO of Emblaze ONE INC. and Limitless Performance Inc. (LimitlessX), Mathur embodies the meaning of’ limitless’ through his continuous executive management efforts over the last 20+ years. Emblaze ONE Inc. is his award-winning interactive agency and holding company, while Limitless Performance develops brands and products across several industries, especially nutritional and beauty products to make the customer look good and feel good, both inside and out. Limitless brings hands-on experience, innovation and leadership from every digital channel to enhance the value of its clients’ campaigns, be it affiliate, display or paid search. Digital advertising has taken over the marketing industry in the last decade, and it is only going to continue to grow and dominate.

From designing marketing strategies to managing operational challenges or even building back-end systems with his team of software engineers, Jas is always hungry for new challenges. You can safely say he has become an expert to several high-profile entrepreneurs and investors at the same time. For all practical purposes, Jas appears to have a hawk’s eye for detail and talent and an uncompromising commitment to excellence. He has helped numerous entrepreneurs launch brands and build profitable online businesses.

Mathur continues to be featured in multiple publications including, but not limited to, Forbes, Men’s Journal, Muscle and Fitness, US Weekly, and OK Magazine, to name a few.


Above all else, Mathur’s story is beyond what he has accomplished professionally. In November 2018, he decided to put his emotions and shyness aside and step forward with being the face of his own brand LIMITLESS. Backed by many celebrities and athletes, Jas gained quick traction on Instagram’s platform to share his knowledge, shed wisdom, motivate and inspire the masses.

Limitless hopes to deliver one core message to its audience: REINVENT YOURSELF

Coming from Jas, who was the one to face obstacles with a positive attitude, this message is worth taking in. He once weighed over 450 pounds with a 68” waist but managed to shed more than 250 pounds, powered by an unshakeable commitment thanks to his strenuous regimen. He made tons of money but had no life. As a result, Jas adopted a healthy lifestyle dedicated to his spiritual and physical wellbeing.

For Jas, the future is truly limitless and his goal is not only daily self-improvement but improvement for mankind. His current trademarked products and projects include, NZT-48, Divatrim, Amarose, Xanquil, SmartSurf, Limitless Pay and continued growth and innovation in Fintech, financial and technology crossover space, in order to better serve companies that use technology to provide financial services to businesses or consumers.

His up and coming venture is Amarose. Amarose is a partnership with entrepreneur and television personality Amanda Saccomanno. Amarose, which will be launched this Summer, is a line of beauty, skincare and personal care products.

Taking a keener look at Mathur’s varied experiences, many critical points come to mind. He feels that anyone can and does have the power to change, achieve, accomplish anything they desire, as long as they set their mind to it. He has been able to tie his experiences from the past and manifest that energy into the current industry and create a global eco-system like umbrella brand. Jas created the opportunities rather than wait for them to arise. When they did, he chose to take them on, in the most dynamic fashion possible.


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