Jas Mathur Of Limitless X: Getting An Upgrade; How Anyone Can Build Habits For Optimal Wellness, Performance, & Focus

By: by Tom Lorenzo
June 09, 2021

It’s easy for us to say we want to get into better shape. Start up a routine where we can get some greater wellness in our lives. But as easy as it is to say, it’s harder to actually do. There’s nothing wrong with looking for help when you can. And that is what Jas Mathur is here to offer. A little help.

Jas Mathur is a man who has known great success in his life. From starting up an online business that was bringing in $30,000 a month when he was 14 to computer coding to consumer electronics, Jas has shown a burning drive to succeed and has knocked it out of the park every time he’d set his eyes on a goal.

By focusing so completely on the success of his business endeavors, Jas’ health suffered greatly. By the time he was 22 years old, he weighed over 450 pounds with a size 68? waist. When he couldn’t fit inside his dream car and couldn’t catch the attention of his girl, Jas set his sights on wellness.

Jas focused on getting the best body he could. And he did so. While building up other business successes, he found the best way to get into shape and has continued on that track. And in 2018, Jas decided to help out with Limitless, a new wellness-focused business that will help out those in need.

To get a better sense of Limitless and Jas himself, check out our interview with Jas belo

1. What inspired you to create Limitless?

My life was a roller coaster of personal challenges. I started my first business at 11 and found tremendous success by age 16. That success thankfully led to the ascent, (click, click, click) up the roller coaster. As with every roller coaster, there was a thrilling, yet precipitous drop. My business flourished, (the thrill) but my health suffered greatly (the drop) and I found myself at 26 facing a crossroad. I had focused so much on the business, I gained over 250 pounds. My life was on the line and I had to lose the weight. Over the course of several years, I lost all the weight and transformed my body. I found that my new passion for health could be combined with my passion for business and my mantra evolved. Think Limitless. Live Limitless. Be Limitless.

2. Do you use the product in your daily routine?

Limitless is a brand house of physician formulated health and wellness products. Our OneShot Keto, DivaTrim, and BodyCor products are designed for responsible weight loss, muscle building, and body reshaping. Our SMILZ line of full-spectrum whole plant Hemp/CBD products promote health, wellness, and calm in a world full of tumult. Our new, soon-to-be-launched Limitless NZT-48 helps pinpoint focus and stimulate intellectual activity to help people feel more productive and efficient when they need it most. Amarose skincare is our line of plant-based natural beauty products for women. In the coming months, you will see all of these lines expanded, with new products launched to help health-conscious, driven people achieve their goals. In April, we launch XANQUIL, an all-natural anxiety reliever, and sleep aid, and SEX GOD, for him and her. I use each of these products daily with the exception of DivaTrim and Amarose, as they are designed for the most important among us, the wonderful women of the world.

3. What role does fitness play in your everyday routine?

How important is staying active to overall success in life? Fitness is my life. In business and for my body. I am in the middle of a second, body transformation as the result of a shoulder injury. This time is very challenging but in a different way. I am body sculpting which means losing fat while building muscle, lowering my body fat percentage, while not burning the muscle I have built over the years. Every morning I am up at 5 am for Cardio followed by my trainer TJ Hoban working me until I think I’m at my breaking point, then I push further. It is a constant battle, but one I will win again and again because losing means going back to where I was, and that can never happen. Ever. We all have our demons. Mine was being 450 lbs and I will live the rest of my life winning that battle.

4. What big names in entertainment and fitness have you helped coach recently?

Limitless is a brand house for everyone. And while we value, love, and respect our celebrity friends, we are most proud of the work we do to help everyday people achieve their life goals. There are many photos, videos, and places you can see Limitless in the celebrity world, but I am a proponent of everyone who has struggles like I did and still do.

5. What’s next on the roadmap for you?

The next major step for Limitless is global expansion. Our first major international launches will happen next month, followed by at least 8 more countries soon after. This has been a major undertaking and we expect Limitless to begin filtering into international communities, helping people around the world accelerate the achievement of their health, wellness, and life goals.

6. What words of encouragement or advice do you have for those in the world feeling a little “limited” in their life these days?

Being “limited” is a state of mind. One of the toughest to break free from. The road down is much easier than the road back up. But you must do it. You must believe in you. In your personal spirit. In your personal power to achieve and succeed. It is mind over body. And when you are there Think Limitless: Keep your mind strong and right. Live Limitless: be exactly who you want to be in health, spirit, and being. Be Limitless: you are whomever you want to be. It is in your hands. And you can absolutely do it. I have no doubt. The power is in you.


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