Too Short Teams Up With Lifestyle Guru Jas ‘Limitless’ Mathur Ahead of E-40 ‘Verzuz’ Battle

By: As Seen On US Weekly
April 21, 2021

Head in the game! Too Short partnered with lifestyle guru Jas Mathur to prepare for his Verzuz faceoff with E-40 on Saturday, December 19.

“I’m feeling the best I have felt in years,” Too Short (real name Todd Shaw) said in a statement on Wednesday, December 16. “I am excited to use some of the Limitless tools to help boost my energy level and OG Pimp confidence walking into this highly publicized battle.”

The “Blow the Whistle” rapper, 54, teamed up with Mathur and his Limitless brand to be both mentally and physically ready for the challenge against the fellow rapper. The two musicians will go back and forth in a live rap battle as a part of Verzuz TV’s Apple Music show this weekend.

Too Short’s training included daily gym sessions and going to therapy weekly. The California native has also maintained a strict diet, which he paired with the Limitless supplements for the best results.

“I have known Too Short and his manager, David Weintraub, for eight years now and he has always been a stand-up guy,” Mathur said in a statement. “I wanted to help push his limitless to the max with our diet, training and mental preparedness to ensure that he is in top shape for this amazing concert.”

The Limitless owner and founder added: “As a life coach, I embrace my clients’ positive and negative challenges. During the pandemic, we have been encountering unique personal and professional challenges. I am excited to be limitlessly serving all my clients, including Too Short. I have helped Too Short be more focused through mental and physical exercises and nutritional supplements. He has been able to limitlessly direct his energy and spirit in preparation for the Verzuz battle. Too Short has been committed to a daily ritual that will allow him to bring his Limitless self to the Verzuz battle.”

The “Way Too Real” rapper’s manager Weintraub, noted that the partnership between his client and Mathur “is like no other.” He continued: “They are both pushing each other to maximize their goals and take physical and mental health to next level.”

No matter what the outcome, Too Short is excited to face off against his longtime friend, E-40.

“E40 is my brother, so this is a win for us either way,” he said.

Keep scrolling to see photos of the sleek, custom, SMILZ-inspired jacket Too Short was dressed in:


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